what is H.M.I.F? Is it kind of food?animal? or maybe just unidentified-object?

okey, before the explanation of H.M.I.F itself, i will tell you something that really awesome. what’s that? yap, it’s my first time to writing in english instead i used google translate to translating. so, sorry if you don’t even know or get what i write later.

hmm.. i will start to explain. H.M.I.F, actually it’s not H.M.I.F but HMIF, the period between those word just to make dramatically. sorry.

HMIF is Student Association of Informatic Engineering that located in my campus, Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung. as a alumni of this organization, i wanna share whats experience(s) that i had.

i was a member of internal division, my responsibility is to make good relationship with stakeholder in internal campus, for example teacher, informatics student(s), another association from other major then student communities.
in my opinion, internal is one of the most useful and important division in HMIF itself. why? because the aim of (this) association is to facilitating informatics students whether in academic or non-academic knowledge. thus, to achieve the mission of (this) association required a division which has responsible or job desk to handle those thing then formed as an internal division.

if you ask me, what are the advantages of being member in an internal division of HMIF? first of all, you will known “at least” half of informatic students.
it’s like an artist in campus, wherever you go there’s someone will say hi, don’t mind if you’re not handsome.just kidding. second, after you known the students, automatically, you will know and known ‘our’ lecturer cause you will always do business with administration of faculty or you will organize some event that held by faculty. there’s some benefit if you known with lecturer, you can easily get help if you get problem in your lesson. not to make a good grade in wrong way, ya. third, also you can easily to know other students from other major. sometimes, there’s event that held by several association then the event organizer consist of several students from different major. maybe you can use this benefit to find your ‘partner’ if you don’t get it in same major. last but not least, you can

then, i wanna share also how can I fall-into-this association.
actually, to be a member of HMIF you have to pass in some test especially you must have good grade in student orientation. however, unfortunately, i was sick and didn’t get good grade even pass the student orientation. i don’t exactly know, what i’ve been thinking, i just bought form then collect it to HMIF’s secretariat.
for several days, i’m not sure i will pass the election but in the middle of night, ups, i mean in the afternoon, i got called from someone from HMIF then he told me if i wanna join this association i have to do this, this, and this.
WOOW!!it’s amazing, really, how come i can pass the election and became candidate but i didn’t pass student orientation.

after the process of election, finally, i’m a member of HMIF 2011 and elect as a member of internal division. apparently, there’s a lot of my close friends enroll as a member of HMIF and got elected.
Chief of HMIF 2011 is Alvin. he’s one of my close friend and you should know, in first year, me and my friend always said that alvin will be a chief of HMIF cause he’s really really famous in my campus. then our words comes true.
our team in HMIF is like miracle team. and you know, HMIF 2011 is the author of an informatics student familiarity event.

so proud to be a part of this Association. 🙂